Honda – Feel More

The Honda Civic makes the everyday thrilling with the lowest driving position in its class.

Wayfair – Day Dreamer

Life can be tricky when you’ve got furniture on the brain… Wayfair.com helps you get it out of your head and into your home.

Deliveroo – Food Freedom

Nothing quite beats ordering a burger in your boxers at the click of a button. We relaunched the Deliveroo brand globally with a campaign celebrating food freedom of all kinds.

Avanti West Coast – Time Well Spent

When business travel is a choice between a slog up the M1 in your car or a seat on an Avanti West Coast train, we want to remind professionals to make the right choice.

Lurpak – Mini Blocks

Lurpak Mini Blocks allow ambitious cooks to bounce back from every failure in the kitchen with a fresh block of butter.

Bvlgari – A Timeless Gesture

To launch their new bridal range and reclaim the romantic heritage of Rome, Bvlgari wanted a film telling the most timeless of tales, building to the most timeless of gestures.

Cravendale – Barry Biscuit Boy

Meet Barry, a sentient biscuit with a dangerous Cravendale obsession.

Sainsbury’s – Little One’s Baby Banquet

To launch the new Little One’s product line, we decided to employ the services of the toughest food critics around.

Babbel – Speak Like You’ve Always Wanted

When learning a language, we don’t dream of scraping by with the basics, we want to talk just like the locals do, or at least how we imagine they do…

Nike – Believe As One

No one expected a young, untested England squad to get to the semi-finals of the 2018 world cup. So when they did, Nike wanted to seize the moment with a rousing tactical film.

Trebor – Choose Your Trebor

It is a well-known, indisputable fact that people can only like one kind of Trebor mint.

Meta – Quest 2 Piccadilly Circus 3D Takeover

As part of the global Christmas campaign, we created a 3D billboard takeover, bringing to life a series of titles and characters bursting from the Meta Quest 2 box.

Pokémon GO – GO Travel

We launched Pokémon GO Travel with ‘The Global Catch Challenge’, a way to engage global Pokéhunters in Niantic’s international events.

TK Maxx – ‘The Sing Song’

TK Maxx sells a surprising range of items at ridiculously surprising prices. So we wanted to remind people of the joys of a surprising Christmas: From a different kind of festive singalong, to Baby Oracle, the world’s cutest ever chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

Honda – Feeling

To describe the feeling of a great drive is a tough thing to do. To engineer it is even tougher.

Sainsbury’s – Summer Sorted

Summer had arrived, so it was time to kick things off with some fresh food-based advertising that reminded everyone of the little moments that make summers great.

Ingress Prime – Pick A Side

Ingress Prime is the original Augmented Reality mobile game from the makers of Pokémon GO. In the game, two sides battle it out for global domination. In a world first, we used competing AIs to generate recruitment campaigns for prospective players.

Xbox – Halo: Hunt The Signal

We created #huntthesignal, an Alternate Reality Game that turned Halo fans’ smartphones into a different kind of Spartan weapon. Players were invited to solve puzzles across various digital and real-world locations. The team that discovered the clues fastest would be immortalised in the next Halo game.



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